Just Two More Days! Chilli Has A 1 Month Membership Contest!

Hello Penguins! It’s just two more days! The competition begins! I will be giving out a Cp membership and I need your help! Please enter! Submissions end August 3rd! We need at least 30 penguins! It’s easy just help me out with stamps!

Here is the info: Come on Club Penguin at:

Day: August 3rd 2010
Time: 1:00 Pm Penguin Standard Time (4:00 pm est, 1:00 pm pacific standard time, 3:00 pm central standard time, 9:00 pm British standard time, 6:00 am august 4th Australia)
Server: Fjord

Winner will only be chosen if they help with stamps at that date and comment saying their penguin name and e-mail!

If you sign up but don’t arrive on cp, you are not apart of the contest!

Thanks and join! Click image below!