250th Newspaper And Pin!

Chilli says: Thanks Coffee! Also guys check this out want a Cp membership click image! Being held on august 3rd!


1. Dance Party Stamp(10 Pengs)

2. Igloo Party Stamp (10 Pengs)

3. Ninja Meeting Stamp (10 pengs)

4. Fort Battle Stamp (5 pengs)

5. Hockey Team Stamp (5 pengs)

6. Soccer Team Stamp (5 pengs)

7. Play It Loud! Stamp (Probably as many penguins as it needs to have each Instrument in the Lighthouse Catalog used)

8. Floor Filler Stamp (25 pengs)

9. Berg Drill Stamp (30 pengs)

10. Party Host Stamp (30 pengs)

Hello Penguins!

This is just a reminder to everyone that I am holding a 1 month membership contest! I want a lot of people to enter! We need a lot of penguins to help out! I’m asking this because we’ve only got to August 3rd until I stop submissions. So please keep commenting and tell your friends! If you have a blog, write about it! I would do the same for you if you needed help advertising something! I’m not one of those people that comment on other blogs saying I’m having a contest. I just don’t do that. It’s selfish, trying to steal hits from others. Please enter this contest! It’s not a scam when you have to use a twitter to get it or do some other crazy thing to get it. All you have to do is just comment and go on CP to help me earn stamps with other penguins! I could do this myself by just going on populated servers, but I want to do it with my fans and have fun!

Please click the membership image below to enter!

Yo Penguins! The 250th newspaper has arrived!!

All the events are the same as usually such as igloo upgrades clothing catalog etc etc..but one event caught my eye! MOUNTAIN EXPEDITION!

I was thinking there would be a 200th newspaper pin like 150th pin but its a compass! Maybe for the mountain expedition!

Hmmm, the mountain expedition reminds me of my favorite party the camping party! Give me your idea’s