Stamp Grand Opening! Giving Out Free Club Penguin 1 Month Membership!

Please Click the Read More Button and What it says on the paper Airplane in the beginning is “TO Chilli! OPEN THIS!” Please have your Volume On!

Hello Penguins!

A video game store ended up giving a present for my friend and I for free! I got some cool stuff! Just for doing the right thing! Well, here’s me and a video to prove it. The video quality was better than this but I had to make the video less HD because WordPress was giving me problems!

Read More to Get Membership!

Well! Isn’t that sweet! They gave me a membership too! Since I don’t need this membership I want to give it away! Yay! I got Herbert’s Revenge! Finally! Now I can post the cheats! Well, Here is how you can get this membership:

1. Comment on this post with your penguin name and a e-mail I can contact you with giving you the code if you win.

2. Please promise to go on Club Penguin at this date to help out Chilli get his stamps that require 10 or even 30 penguins or more! If you don’t come to help out, then you WILL NOT be apart of the contest.

The Date:

August 3, 2010

Server: Fjord

Time in PST: 1:oo PM PST

That = 4:00 PM EST, 1:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, 3:00 PM Central Standard Time, 9:00 PM British Standard Time, (August 4th)ย 6:00 AM Australia

Place: Dock ย and traveling all over CP to do stamps!

This is how the winner will be chosen:

All the penguins that comment and arrive on Club Penguin on that date to help Chilli will automatically be written down on their own tiny piece of paper. Those names will go into a huge hat and there will be a video of Chilli picking the winner. The winner’s Club Penguin name will be seen in the video and I will e-mail the winner their prize!