Penguin Band Splitting Up? Club Penguin Band Members Changing? Tempo Bob?

Hello Penguins!

I find this quite odd. Remember how during the Music Jam, when people were trying to find the Penguin Band and the only person everyone met was Franky? And You Didn’t see the other members at all?

Well, I asked Franky about this, well many penguins did, and he said that they can’t make it because they are busy with other projects. Franky proclaimed he was glad to be free and on his own doing independent music, since he appears to be the youngest in the band.

This is kinda sad, is the Penguin Band splitting apart? Are they going their own ways in their music careers? Your probably thinking… “No way! What are you talking about! What your saying is nuts! Club Penguin and the Band itself would never do that!”

The weird thing is when numerous penguins asked Franky where Stompin Bob was, he was confused, proclaiming, “Stompin Bob?”

I was so startled by this, that I have done some investigating as to why Franky might say this. He has to know who Stompin Bob is! Duh!

Well, don’t take me wrong for this but, when I was on Club Penguin with Bobcoffee7 last night, I clicked on Bobcoffee7’s player card to go to his igloo and I saw the strangest thing on his Penguin Band background!

Look at the old Penguin Band Background! See the difference?

Tempo Bob? Woah! No wonder Franky “did not” know who Stompin Bob was! Stompin Bob must have changed his name to Tempo Bob! Well, I guess this proves that the band members are going off on their own careers. Doesn’t “other projects” mean that? Usually when bands split up, the people change their names too!