You Have Decided Chilli's New Outfit! Poll Closed!

UPDATE: For Outfit #2 When seen in header, bare feet will be shown not the brown shoes. LOL. They are too hard to draw for that, but for other places on the site you will see the shoes LOL. Also, in the header, the penguin (Me, Chilli) will be purple. Purple is cool šŸ˜€

Hello Penguins!

Thank you! And Thanks for Voting! There has been atleast 100 votes casted on the ballot for Chilli’s new outfit! Here were the three choices to choose from. (The original post here)

You have chosen the winner!

A fair total of 100 votes has been casted, and the winner was Outfit #2!

Thanks for voting!

Here were the results! It was a close call! Outfit #1 and #2 were close, but 36% of the votes made Outfit #2 win!

Don’t be sad! Chilli’s old outfit is not leaving forever! You will see Chilli’s snowflake t-shirt, black sneakers, blue lei, etc. back in the Winter! For now, in the Summer, Chilli will wear Outfit #2! You will see Chilli in his new outfit on places all over the site! What places? Well, that’s a secret for now. One place though will be on the header!

Thanks again for voting and have a nice day! Didn’t have a chance to vote this time? Well, there will be plenty of other chances to vote on the blog in the future!