Club Penguin Music Jam New Backstage Instruments Added Early!

Hello Penguins!

I noticed this earlier today that some penguins were getting these items before they were released and published on the catalog! I found one penguin with the new items and he let me take some pics! (After I chased him around Club Penguin for 20 Minutes trying to get a hold of him. He didn’t like the fact that he had a crowd of penguins chasing him and yelling at him saying, “Where did you get those!”) I took a lot of pictures and wanted to post them before the items were released, but I had to leave my computer and go out somewhere. I wanted to make an exclusive sneak peek post of the items but I couldn’t. Sadly, when I got back, the items were released and didn’t have the chance to post that special post. I’m here to say thanks to that penguin who helped me out, and that is Trev201. I learned a lesson, when you have exclusive Club Penguin information, don’t waste a second, and just post it! Ugh! Silly Me!

Man, I had some really nice pics, 😦 Oh well. Enjoy the new items! Dance with them and you got some sweet tunes. Exclusive Sneak Peek Post Opportunity = Epic Fail! Every second counts! 😡 Jeez, The Club Penguin Blogging Business is real tough out there. Ouch!