Billybob Secretly Reveals a Stamp!

Excited Update: People! I think it does have to do with my idea! These are signs of some sort for the Ultimate Field Op! Check this out! “Find these all over the place and have to do something to get them…” Is the “doing something” rescuing penguins? Like my idea stated?

UPDATE: I think I figured it out! “Collect them… There’s a lot” Billybob’s words from the community post… If these are signs having to do with my Ultimate Field Op idea, then EPF Agent’s might have to collect a lot of signs because many penguins are lost? This sure sounds like a true ULTIMATE Field Op to me! I’m getting excited! Is Club Penguin going to use my idea?

Hello Penguins!

Recently, Billybob gave us a sneak peek of something we had to collect, and many of us are left guessing. LOL.

But look what I found! Billybob flipped over one of the stamps! (I’m guessing they are stamps)



That sounds familiar!

Remember my Ultimate Field Op Response that won? Check it out!

It’s a situation where Klutzy figured out a way to change all the blue signs with white arrows throughout the paths of Club Penguin. The arrows would be pointing to different directions, and many penguins would be lost in the wilderness. It would be an EPF Agent’s job to rescue the penguins, fix all the signs back to normal, and importantly save Rookie, who gets lost in a place full of marshmallows!

Maybe these things aren’t stamps, are they signs? :O