2010 July Music Jam Party Cadence and Penguin Band Comment Tracker!

The Penguin Band and Cadence are OFFLINE.

Hello Penguins!

You are probably wondering why this kind of tracker is not like other trackers.

Well, Club Penguin Trackers (that use stolen Club Penguin files which make them update automatically with servers) are against Club Penguin’s Terms of Use.

This site respects that in our Privacy Policy.

That’s why we have a friendly tracker here.

It is inspired by Mimo’s Comment Tracker. 😀

Cadence Has Been Spotted At The Music Jam!

Cadence’s New Background 2010!

Try And Catch Her! I tried last year, but unfortunately she did a backflip away from me! LOL My feet look weird because that is what the frame of action looked like when I shot the photo.

You can find Cadence at the Night Club Rooftop, Dance Lounge, Dance Club, Casa Fiesta, or Backstage!

You will be able to find the Penguin Band at the same locations above, once they are on break. Meaning Once You Don’t See The Penguin Band at the Iceberg anymore.

This is how this tracker works.

1. Viewers of this site help others find Cadence and the Penguin Band by commenting HONESTLY where these penguins are at the moment.

2. Everyone will work together and many penguins will find Cadence and the Penguin Band because of this.

When you comment, this is the format. For example:

I found (Insert Cadence or Penguin Band Here)

Time: –:– AM/PM PST

Day: July –, 2010

Server: —–

Place: —-

If you want, you can even comment again after that when Cadence/Penguin Band leave that server you are speaking of.

Get Tracking!