Chilli Wants You To Decide His New Outfit!

Hello Penguins!

That’s Right! I’m going for a new outfit! It’s summer time and I thought I should change things up a bit! I’m getting tired of that Snowflake T-Shirt, Ninja Mask, Black Sneakers, the Gray Earflap Cap, and Blue Lei, well I might keep the Blue Lei. LOL.

Here are the options! If you don’t like any of them and want me to continue to stay the same, then vote “You Don’t Need a New One Chilli!”

Thanks! And Get Voting! 1 Vote Per ballot, don’t vote for two, three, or even four things at a time. You can vote as much as you want though! There is no such thing as one vote per visit to the site.

Please Check Out This Site! It is very cool! You Should Join This Army! Thanks Phipy for Letting Me Know!