Club Penguin Field-Ops Weekly Mission 4 Cheats!

Hello Penguins!

A lot has been going on, and soon you will see a lot of things added to the site, and possibly some exclusive things.

I know there has been other missions, so if you are curious to the other field op cheats, check out this page. It will have all field-op cheats available. It will be active as of Field-Op Mission 5.


Here is Today’s 4th Field Op Mission Cheats!

Head to the EPF Command Room and get your duties.

Read Today’s Mission:

Accept and Head Out To The Lodge Attic! Reach the Orange Couch!

Answer Your Spy Phone That Will Be Flashing Green.

Solve The Electrical Outlet and Save the Day!

You will earn a medal and be able to receive any EPF Elite Gear. (Sorry Members Only)