Club Penguin 2010 Island Adventure Party Cheats!

Thanks goes to: Flyingsnow with hidden boats and drilling

Hello Penguins!

The site is finishing up, so now I am finally able to post this. As you know, the Island Adventure Party is here!

As of now, Rockhopper has arrived to Club Penguin!

Please head out to the Migrator and have fun! Even try to meet Rockhopper! Sorry, due to website work, I will not be able to make a Rockhopper Tracker. 😦

Also, did you ever head out to the Iceberg? If you wait out there for a while, you will spot a Kraken! Just Look at the water! Here is what I was able to find for you:

Click the Image below to be redirected to its animation. (If not quite seen here)

Image removed sorry.

Pretty cool formating I made right? Well anyway, it’s the best shot you can get at it.

Now, the best part of the party! The Scavenger Hunt! Let’s find all the hidden 8 newspaper boats!


Go to the Ski Village.

Go to the Town.

Go to the Plaza.

Now this is tricky, go to the Forest, and head down the secret passageway!

Go to the Mermaid Cove!

Go the Snow Forts.

Go to the Iceberg!

Go to the Beach!

At last, go to the Forest!

Yes! You have now found all the boats! Here is what happens next:

You will automatically get the winning Background!

Then, Build the Map.

Put the pieces together, and end up with this:

Aha! Now you can claim your prize!

Where can this be? Now, head to the Cove and wear a Miner’s Helmet!

Drill at the Red X!

I’d like to thank my friend on Club Penguin, Flyingsnow, at helping me with this! He will soon be apart of the Spicy Squad!

After a while, you will receive an awesome White Bandanna!

Sweet! If you are a member, head out to the Tropical Forest Area! It can be accessed through a ladder at the Forest!

Please get the Marooned Outfit Here!

Snazzy! LOL The Fire Ninja Suit is catching on to me again…

Anyone catch the header? I, Captain Chilli Pepper made it. Pirates Gripe! Captains Unite!

Well, head out to the Battle Ships to fight Pirate vs. Captain!

Captains can be accessed through the Beach and Pirates can be accessed through the Cove.

That’s all for now! The Captain Construction Party is coming soon!