Exclusive News! A Club Penguin Series 8 Treasure Book Has Came Out! Cheats Here!

Hello Penguins!

I was on Club Penguin like two seconds ago and I met this Penguin! Watch!

Here is Club Penguin Series 8 Treasure Book Cheats and Items!

Click the Green Tree to get the Pink GammaGal Costume!

Click the top of the silver post with the shiny sphere, to get the Blonde Wig!

Click the Blue Dragon’s Horn to get the Safari Adventure Costume a.k.a Quest for the Golden Puffle Adventurer Costume!

Click the Blue Cheerleader’s Right Pom Pom to get the Referee Costume!

Click the “CP” Sign on the red jacket to get the SUPER RARE BLUE GRADUATION HAT AND GLASSES!

Now for the Series 8 Exclusives! This is where to get the GIANT Crab Costume! Klutzy maybe?

There is a a Hidden Page Too! I will figure out what the secret items are soon!

At last, there are the Classic Puffles and Coins!

That is all! Enjoy! Get some toys and codes now!