Construction is Finishing Up! Exclusive News: Club Penguin Needs My Help!

Hello Penguins!

It seems to me that my penguin abilities have been truly called upon as of today. After finishing construction, (which you will see published in the next couple days), something special has occurred to me.

Here are the things coming up:

1. Exclusive Update for the Spicy Squad! And I will add the new members soon!

If you commented recently and I have not met you at your certain time, can you please comment with another date, time, etc to meet you?

I would like to add all to the squad!

2. New Website Design

3. More Chilli Pepper Penguins Features (example: widgets, cheats pages, etc)

4. New Clickable images

5. New web page layout

6. More pages and added text-features

7. And Much More!

Now, let’s get to the case of Club Penguin needing my help, you see, today Club Penguin launched the Island Adventure Party!

And as everybody knows, I am a very unique penguin. (Liking peppers, hot sauce, chilli, and all and of course being spicy!)

Well, it appears that Club Penguin has recognized my expertise. It’s my daily routine in life as a penguin: to help all those in need with a commanding position.

With a blog and a bowl of chilli in both hands, I devote myself to provide all with Club Penguin cheats!

Sadly, I have never seen anyone appear to be as a Captain, other than myself, hence, Captain Chilli Pepper.

The only captain that I have known or seen on Club Penguin is Captain Rockhopper!

Club Penguin has only mentioned a penguin with the name of a captain only for Rockhopper and no one else!

But now, as of today, they are finally recognizing me! Captain Chilli Pepper!

Have you guys noticed this on Club  Penguin?

You see, I am always a person who writes to Club Penguin with their Contact Support page, and I point out a lot of stuff to them, like asking questions, asking for info, etc. Overtime, they have kept telling me that they appreciate my help all the time, so I guess this is a gift to me and to all to celebrate captains! Heehee. I am not quite exactly sure… All of this could just be for Rockhopper.

Please join me in the Adventure Party! Let of all us be spicy captains!

Hmm.. is Club Penguin congratulating me on how I finished the site’s construction? Or is Club Penguin thanking my Captain superiority?

Well! Let’s make it both!

This calls for a Construction Captain Party!

Let’s celebrate the site’s finished construction and let’s all party like captains! Yes you! You can act as if you are Captain Chilli Pepper! Or be your own kind of Captain! Perhaps, “Captain French Fry?” Who knows! Be anything you like!

Meet me on the Captain Boat Decks on Club Penguin!

Party Details Coming to a Future Post….

And Island Adventure Cheats Coming Soon!