Club Penguin April Fools Party 2 Cheats and Guide!

Hello Guys! Sorry this was late. I have been doing a lot of Construction. I thought Pengi24 would take care of this, guess not, lol. Well it’s me Chilli making this update. Anyway, April Fools Party 2 is here and its better than ever! Most of the rooms are completely different! It is sweet! Let’s check out the decorations! I wont give out all of them! I will just give snapshots of all the locations! Get out to Club Penguin and see for yourself!

The Town

The Pizza Parlor

The Mine

The Iceberg

The Forest

The Cove

The Coffee Shop

The Dance Club

Head to the Dock to paint amazing pictures! Paint your heart out because then you will get the FREE RED PROPELLOR HAT!

If you are a MEMBER head to the Snow Forts to the Silly Place!

It is AMAZING! The best part is telling  jokes at the Stage!

The More Jokes you do! The funnier the PLACE thinks you are! Try and get this rating!

Get the MEMBERS Free item! The King Jester Hat!

Located at the side!

That’s all for now! April fools!