Some Website Updates and the April Fools Party 2 is here!

Chilli Says: Pengi is a nice guy. He’s one of my friends that I knew for a long time.

Wow! Haven’t posted in a while! As you can tell I am very busy! Construction is almost over! I thought I would make a pit-stop in the work to let you know that the April Fools Party 2 is here! And much more! Like the new April Clothing catalog! Cheats will be coming soon! I am checking out the party as we speak! I’m on Snow Drift! Seems pretty cool! There has been some questions about the peppers and Spicy Squad stuff here around this site. (Since now officially SALT is included) Pepper and Salt are friends now and so is “Spicy” and “Salty.” Hmm.. should the Spicy Squad stay or should I add Salty? You know there are two captains here now. Captain Sea Salt (Pengi24) and Captain Chilli Pepper (me a.k.a Chilli 2) So comment here with ideas about the squad either saying:

1. Keep the Spicy Squad!

2. Add Spicy Salty Squad

3. Add Salty Spicy Squad

4. Add “The Spicy and Salty Squad

5. Or put little salt shakers next to the penguins pictures in the Spicy Squad if they also like salt too. 

Updates coming soon! Comment!