Club Penguin Super Exclusive: Upcoming Re-opened Underground Mine Caves Revealed!

Hello Penguins!

A lot of things have been going on around Club Penguin! I have  been noticing some new things and researching new things and such. There are plenty of things to be updated on the blog today! Don’t worry orange puffle, pin, newspaper, etc. will be posted soon. But I have something here that I couldn’t just wait to show you! Rumors is that Rory will be coming back to Club Penguin re-opening all the caves! A special surprise will be placed too there!

Well I found this exclusive photo of the future to be re-opened mine caves! There not even re-opened yet! Here is what they will possibly look like!

Remember, you found it here first! No other blog has this! Looks like the construction will be a little easier this time once the caves are opened again, eh?

Looks pretty mysterious! I wonder what will be held further inside! I will try to find that too LOL!

Isn’t this Spicy! Well Cya Guys Later!