2010 Puffle Party Cheats, Free Items, Guide, and Member Exclusives!

Hello Penguins! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I just have been really busy! Sorry for the delay! I decided to make it up to you guys with a brand new header! Did anyone see any of the puffles?

Well here is how this party is going:

The first thing you should check out is the Plaza! The same decorations as last year, but there is a brand new hat for non-members and regular members!

Receive the Puffle Hat!

Check out some of the crazy rooms! You can click them to make them larger

Check this out! There is a brand new room in the Mine this year! For the White Puffles!

Go to the Snow Forts and enter the Puffle Feeding Room!

Members Exclusives:

There is also a Puffle Show at the Ski Village!

Check out out this video of all the features of the Puffle Show!

You can get the Members Exclusive Puffle Jacket!

Well that is it! I hope you and your puffles have a great time! You may even see the Orange Puffle! Find it at three exclusive places here!