Club Penguin Speaker Pin, Mine Caves Closed, Dance Club Party, and Igloo Music!

Hello Guys! I never did this before in one post, but I am trying it!

Here are the updates, I never really had a chance to post at the right time, and I don’t feel it is appropriate to separate all these things, so yeah… SPICYNESS

Well, there is a new Pin!

The Speaker Pin!

It Β is cool!

You can find it at the Pet Shop!

Wah, the Mine Caves are closed due to an investigation and for safety reasons! Look what is happening! For more info read the Penguin Times.

There is something going on at the Dance Club! Seems to be a party! Everything changes and everything becomes spicy! The more penguins in the room, the spicier Β it gets!

Also check out the new igloo music! Wow a lot of things with puffles recently! Can this explain The Great Puffle Switch and the future mission 11?

My favorite is Puffle Party tunes.