Club Penguin Exclusive Sneak Peek: The Closed Mine Cave Entry Revealed!

Hey Penguins! I have an exclusive sneak peek here! I am the first to discover!

It’s a long story, but I know a guy who is good in Game Programming, and he managed to get this specially for me! No one else! We worked together for a long time on this, and this is what we came up with. It was hard to dig out, but we managed.

Here is a photo of what might possibly be the outcome of the Mine, when the caves are closed. If you didn’t know that the caves are closing, read the CP Newspaper here! So here is what we might see tomorrow on Friday the 29th!

It might look something likes this or a little bit different. Pretty cool eh? Remember you found it here first from the help of a Game Programmer and I on!

If you would like to use this image on your site, without my watermark, just comment on this post by asking nicely! But there is a trick! There is a hidden link on this site, that is hard to find, and that is where you will find the photo with no watermark… Ahh… difficult eh? I’m on my spicy side 😛 BUT BUT once you find the photo, and place it on your own site, you must link the photo back to my site and give me credit! Don’t say you were the person to find it! Because I was!

Note: the secret link could be anywhere! Here’s a hint, it’s hidden in one of the first ten recent posts that I wrote… Get searching! Once you find it the photo link will show!