Club Penguin News Just In: Orange Puffles Are Coming in Regard to Mission 11! Due to Orange Puffle Plush Toys!

Hello Penguins!
You know how everyone is thinking about what special thing Club Penguin has in store for us this year? Well everyone is starting to figure out more than just a regular mission is coming and really want to know what Herbert P. Bear is up to! I just realized that this new mission has to do with puffles in some form! Do you want to know why?

Because out of no where, Club Penguin has released the Orange Puffle Plush toys in stores! Can you believe it?!?! Here is a pic:

I hope you like it! This may explain why Herbert P. Bear has made a rockslide in the mine! The recent mission for the EPF Game is called “Puffle Pranksters” and people recall entering the mine for what appears an unfamiliar puffle! Club Penguin was foreshadowing a new puffle all this time!

Glad to have figured this out…