Club Penguin Exclusive: 2010 Better Igloos Furniture Catalog Couch Item Revealed! 

Hello Penguins!

The 2010 Furniture Catalog is coming soon and I heard it is going to be pretty cool! I wanted to look deeper into this and discovered an exclusive sneak peek!

It is what appears a Purple Couch! How cool is this! Look at this comfy thing! I have managed to get the full picture here by searching numerous CP files! Here it is:

You can use this picture on your blog too! Just give credit to me on your blog! This is an amazing sneak peek!

I have another important notice today!

Recall how I didn’t make it to Chilipanther’s Extreme Battle on the 7th… Well I decided to change the date to January 16th! Same time, options, everything! Please click here for more info! Since I feel really bad about not being able to come, I’m promising more advertising on this, meaning more soldiers, famous special penguin guests, and even a better future recording movie on this battle!

Please click,


for info on this Amazing event!