New: Club Penguin 2010 Fairy Fables Penguin Play Cheats/Info!

Hey Guys! Today is really cool because the all time favorite, I guess in my opinion too, Fairy Fables has came back to Club Penguin! The Award Winner!

ROFL I love the sheep for some reason!

Well here is all the info on it:

Check out these features! There is a cool script, an exclusive Fairy Fables Story Book, and a sweet catalog!

The book is pretty cool Check it out! When you have the time, read the script too!

Check it out: There is another access point for the book. You can also find it here:

Love the scene, you know?

Now for the cheat! There is only one like always!

Cheat: Click the radio in order to get the Silver Wand!

Peace out! Enjoy the play!

Please Read my explanation as to why I wasn’t at the battle here