Club Penguin Fairy Fables Coming! New Servers! Exclusive News: I am Hosting an Extreme Snowball Battle!

Hello Penguins!

It seems to be that the Club Penguin Blog has reported this:

“It’s almost time to switch it up at the Stage with the return of Fairy Fables! If you haven’t acted or directed for this play yet, make sure you check it out. Last year it won the Penguin Play Award for Best Costumes!

Speaking of the Penguin Play Awards, keep your eyes open for a vote that’ll be coming to the blog soon. You’ll be able to help decide which plays will be competing for the awards in 2010!”


I also noticed some new servers today! Here ares some! Comment if you see more!

Also, I am doing a favor for my friend Chilipanther, for hosting an Extreme War SnowBall Battle on CP for him! It’s gonna rock! I will be recording it! Anyone can come! Just see the info and be ready to fight on CP! Non-members and members are welcome! Chili and I really want a lot of soldiers!

I’m sorry guys I received very upset comments today on the 7th, the day the fight was. Sorry I wasn’t there, something shocking happened to me in real business, so I didn’t even have the chance or sooner to say I couldn’t make it. Many knew about this, so many didn’t show up. Sadly I left many penguins unaware and sad. I’m really sorry. Sometimes those things happen. Sorry Chilipanther, I decided to fully change this event to January 16th when I will be available. Argh I’m so mad at myself! That’s why I now decide that I am going to present a special surprise for this event soon after. Wow… I worked so hard on this and let many people down….

Mac Storm, Artiguana123, Pary Panguin, Justin68565, if you cannot attend please comment on this post and I will choose different generals! If you can make it, please comment saying you can!

Also, Chilipanther, if you want me to change the date or time, or anything please comment saying so!

Message to everyone: We need you!

Thanks! I hope you viewers out there can come! Comment your thoughts or any ideas!