Penguins Outraged! Club Penguin Still Hasn't Put Up New Things for 2010! All of a Sudden the Disney Website is More Important?

Alright! What in the world is going on here?

I just realized something, maybe us penguins were to harsh yesterday complaining to CP because of the holiday you know? We celebrated New Years and that doesn’t mean they can’t too. Maybe Club Penguin was taking a day off? Well that’s not really a good excuse anymore because it seems they didn’t even try to give us the new stuff, because if they did, they would have said something on the Community Blog! I’m sorry guys I have no idea why they are so late!

I go on CP today, being positive and thinking, “Oh Club Penguin was just taking a break, maybe they are back to work today?” GUESS NOT! The catalog still isn’t here yet! NO FIREWORKS! NO PIN! NO NOTHING! Not even a message on the Club Penguin blog? Has tragedy reached Club Penguin?

Wow I can’t believe I am saying this now, but umm, I think Club Penguin is actually having a hard time uploading these things! I know a lot about Flash, Game Programming and how the whole MMORG thing works. Sometimes things just don’t upload correctly!

I am usually nice, but as you can see today I am on my spicy side!

Did you even notice that the Disney Website is new? And not Club Penguin? Or were workers too busy working on the Disney site than the CP site! Look it is all about CP Card Jitsu Fire! What is going on here?