New Igloo Music and Keep Making a Difference with a Party Update!

Hey Penguins! Happy Holidays!

Club Penguin really wants everyone to keep making a difference even though Coins for Change is over. Check the  Global Citizenship page on the Club Penguin website that I posted about a couple days ago and there you can see what our coins are about. Here is that post I wrote about a couple days ago– Click here.


Club Penguin has been making more ways to get involved. You can help out at the “Our Kids Matching Gift” program or give a speaking tour! Please also continue to help your own community!

Today, there is also more! There is new Igloo Music! Please enjoy it too! Also, the Club Penguin Christmas Party is ending soon! It ends Dec 27th! Today is the 26th! If you need help with all the cheats about the Club Penguin party, click here.

Check out the new Igloo Music:

The Volcano is my  favorite! Check it out!

Remember to play on Club Penguin today! The Christmas Party is ending soon!

Here’s a good memory:

Christmas Party 2008:

(I never showed this photo before)

Christmas Party 2009:

I like gingerbread… (it has a Spicy taste to it)

Notice: My Music Video that I have made (Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! By Frank Sinatra may upload today! I think wordpress solved the Video Uploading Issue) Click here if you would like to stay posted on this video!