Thanks for Donating! Coins for Change Now Officially Over! Club Penguin Reveals Donating Areas!

Hey Penguins!

Coins for Change is an amazing thing! I’m so glad we did it once again this year! It lasted through December 18-21 and today is the 21st!

I have donated 20,124 coins in total and I thought I could sneak in a couple more thousand, but guess what! It ended! Coins for change has ended! Thanks for donating everyone! I think we all made a difference! Lol, don’t think I used a hacking program to get all those coins, because I didn’t: I earned them.

When I tried to donate again this is what showed up:

This is what you see when you visit the website! Pretty spicy, eh?

Club Penguin shows all the places where they are helping out! It is awesome! You can slide through the globe and see these places:

  • 1. Canada
  • 2. United States (Generally)
  • 3. Haiti
  • 4. Ecuador
  • 5. United Kingdom
  • 6. Georgia
  • 7. Ethiopia
  • 8. DRC (In Africa)
  • 9. Uganda
  • 10. Kenya
  • 11. Rwanda
  • 12. Lesotho
  • 13. Afghanistan
  • 14. India
  • 15. China
  • 16. Malaysia
  • 17. Indonesia

Club Penguin really wants everyone to help out! You can help in your own community or join an organization yourself! Club Penguin is working with many organizations to help all these places in need. With all the coins Club Penguin players have donated, those coins turn into real money and all of that goes to many people around the world!

With this thought in mind, Club Penguin is willing to help a lot of people!

Here are some of the organizations Club Penguin will be working with:

The whole Club Penguin community is getting involved! How amazing!

Thanks for donating guys! Comment how much coins you donated, or how you could help out your community!