2009 Club Penguin Christmas Party Cheats and Santa’s Sleigh Ride Adventure Cheats!

Hello Penguins!

Chilli here! Wow… first time I said that because I usually have Captain Chilli Pepper at the bottom.

The Christmas Party is in action! It is sweet! Here is all the cheats!

Check out some of the cool decorations:

Oh yeah, wonder why I am wearing a tuba a lot? Well I love to rock out at the Lighthouse with my friends! Check out these tunes!

Don’t forget to check out the Forest! It is special!

Don’t forget, you can find the new Christmas pin!

Snowman Pin

It is in the Lodge Attic!

You can get a free Santa Hat!

Go the Ski Village!

if you go the Iceberg, the tree gets bigger and bigger!

The new Christmas Party Igloo Decorating Contest is here!

Now for the main attraction! Go the Dance Lounge! There is a…

Sleigh Ride Adventure!!!

Head here:

You must drop 15 presents into 15 chimneys!

As you do, you must click the button at the right time!

It must look like this!

Once completed, you can get the Free Santa Suit!

Check out this amazing video of the Santa Sleigh Ride Adventure! It really shows how to solve the quest! Put your volume up!!

That’s all! Happy Holidays!

For some reason, this video has been having some odd things going on with it, if it says, This video is not available, refresh the page. It will always be available! I have no idea why it says that, because there is no option for me to make it unavailable. Don’t worry, I’m fixing the problem! I think it’s because this video is being played by so many people! Wow!