Coins For Change Is Here!

Hello Penguins!

Coins for change is here! Club Penguin has made it very possible for us penguins to make a difference!

  • There are plenty of pots all over the island!
  • There are Three Choices to Choose From!
  • There are three amounts of coins to cho0se from!
  • Positive Reinforcements!
  • Members are even able to place pots in their igloos! As many as they would like!
  • Wow! A lot of pots!

I would like to encourage all penguins out there to donate and make a difference in the world! Especially around the world now, where ever you live at, people need all the help they can get! Let’s not forget the planet itself! Let’s make this a warm Christmas/Hannukah or any holiday celebration special by showing how much you care!

I have one question for everyone! Are you going to join me and use your spiciness for warmth in making the world a better place? Lol, let’s look at the positive at Chilli’s spicy powers!

Heehee, Happy Holidays to you!