How to Receive and Give the Christmas Candy Cane Hat!

Hello Penguins! CP is really into the Christmas Spirit! How nice!

Club Penguin decided to allow penguins to give a free head item to their friends! Including non-members! You can give one to any penguin you see on Club Penguin! Thanks Whaley5 for the present! Means a lot! I mailed you one right back! And thanks to anyone else that mailed me a hat too! I noticed a lot of those in my mail today!

Here’s how!

Enter the Postcard button and look at the cards! Pick the first option!

2. Simply send it and wait for your friend to receive the gift!

3. Here is me receiving my hat from Whaley5, a Chilli Pepper Penguin Crew Member! There is some music in the vid so put your volume on!

Please! I hope everyone mails some hats to theirĀ friends! Merry Christmas!