Club Penguin Cheats Exclusive: Christmas Tree Clothing Costume Dance Cheats!

Yay! Hello Penguins! I believe I am the first person to write about this!

The new Christmas December Penguin Style Catalog has came out today and I noticed something cool about the clothes!

The Christmas Tree Costume is AWESOME!

Have you tried moving in it though?

1. Put on the Christmas Tree

2. Wave

And There You Have It! Wait a little and watch the picture, it’s an animation

I thought that was neat for the Christmas spirit  out there! Merry Christmas Lol.

Cya! By the way, an important notice, I have been finding some cool CP news stuff lately. I noticed that every time I find something cool and post it, Fastjordan writes about it too and doesn’t give me credit for me finding it first and so and such. Just saying… Well, let’s see if he writes about this too after me, and see what he says… Yeah I know, I said it, I’m sorry, but its gotten to a point before when I had to comment him saying to give me credit, which is pathetic because it’s common sense.  I think he is an excellent blogger though. Give Credit to someone when you take an idea from their work. Also, the new member events thing that I just posted about was one of the things he copied off me lately…  Click here if you would like to view that post since I found it first. Well that’s all! For my viewers out there, YOU ROCK!