Exclusive Card Jitsu Fire Secrets: Sensei Compliments Your Clothes! Sensei Reveals Brass Ninjas! 

Hello Penguins!

I sent in a question to Club Penguin and they replied back giving me some hints as to how to find more secrets about Card Jitsu Fire. After spending 1 hour on CP, I figured more secrets out.

I think you may be interested in them:

Sensei compliments your Christmas Free Item Santa Beard!

Sensei compliments all of CP’s Anniversary Hats!

Sensei compliments the ancient Cloud Wave Bracers!

Secret 1: Did Sensei just say the weather is cloudy? Hmm… I think Sensei revealed that Card Jitsu Snow is coming soon!

Sensei compliments your Tuba!

LOL… I think this has to do with Screenhog, I recall him talking about the Tuba once…

Secret 2: Woah! Did Sensei just say “Brass Ninja?” Woah! What does this mean? Will there be Brass Ninjas coming soon? Or will Brass Ninja Uniforms  be the next items for Card Jitsu Snow?

Wow! This is so cool! Going through all my CP items paid off… Don’t Ask lol. I’m positive these are all the Club Penguin item secrets Sensei says because I tested it on all my CP clothes lol.

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I will always be looking for more secrets to come….