Card-Jitsu Fire Game Coming to Club Penguin! Plus an Animation Video! A Volcano Room! 

Hello Penguins!

I like looking around the internet a lot! Especially around Club Penguin!

Well anyway, back on the main news here! There is a secret page that Club Penguin has made and you can see cool news based on the new Card Jitsu things coming up. Just click here and you can get there.

Check out my recording of the video Club Penguin posted on that website above.

It is amazing!

Well I’m really happy because this just proves my predictions on the last post that I have written here. Remember how I concluded that we may have to shovel somewhere to reveal amulet secrets? Well that means we are going to have to shovel snow to find a path to the new Volcano Room! Then the amulet secrets will be found. This is awesome! And the last post kept mentioning forge. Forge means to heat something. And since this new game is about fire, FIRE = HEAT And this new game has to do with heat. Maybe the winning prize will be an amulet?