Club Penguin Exclusive: Secret Ninja in November Penguin Style Catalog!

Wow Penguins! This is amazing! I discovered a secret ninja in the catalog!

It’s really hard to see, but if you look close enough, you will see him!

See the penguin’s shadow? That’s the ninja!


If you can’t really see him look at this! I did the best I could tracing it!


Hmm… since there is a ninja behind a penguin with a shovel, does that mean there will be more shoveling at the Dojo? Or anything concerning snow at the Dojo? Could this explain anything about the amulets going on?

Woah! Maybe this does have to do with the amulets! If you look closer into the picture, you will see this message (that I accidently cut off)


Notice the word forge above!

Now notice this message found in the Martial Artworks catalog under the new Goldsmiting Apron!


(Will be ‘snow’ problem? Will there be a problem of snow when we build amulets? Will we have to shovel out snow to go across a path to get to the area where we build amulets?) To Forge new Ninja Gear? To forge a path? = APRON + SHOVEL TO REVEAL AMULET SECRETS!