New Amulets! Plus Penguins Receive No Pay Checks For November! 

Hello Penguins!


Today I entered Club Penguin right after I finished my coffee in real life, I know isn’t it odd how Chilli drinks coffee? Eh, well not really. I drink it from time to time on Club Penguin lol. Well anyway, it is a kind of bean and chilli is made out of beans so I guess that counts. Well back on track here, I noticed that we are planning to smith amulets! How cool is that?


You can even purchase your own apron!


I also like to check my mail from time to time too. I noticed that I didn’t get paid for November! Man I’m getting spicy! Are there job lay offs going on right now because I’m sure I was a good penguin doing my job. Well, the weird thing is, I got paid twice in October. On the 3oth and the 1st! Watch this video!

See ya later guys! Also, my music vid is coming out soon! I decided not to have any penguins star in it because I have been getting too many comments saying just make the film already. So, sorry guys. I didn’t even bother approving those comments, that’s how much there was.