Exclusive: Club Penguin Replies to Chilli's Email and Gives Out Important Info! MUST SEE!

Hello Penguins! As we all know, the Halloween Igloo Decorating Contest started early on the 15th, rather than the 16th, which was nice. As soon as this all occurred, penguins swarmed into their igloos and started to submit them. Once everyone submitted their igloos, a lot of penguins became curious and tried sending in their igloo a second, third, fourth, or even a fifth time. And guess what! They saw the message pop up again, so they were able to send in their igloos once again. Don’t worry I was one of those curious penguins! How sneaky is that? And why do you think a lot of penguins did that? Because they thought that the more times you send in your igloo, the better of a chance you will win! Well…. I don’t think so, after what I read about what Club Penguin replied to me. But first, let’s read my question:

Picture 20

Well, now, let’s see what the Club Penguin Support team’s response was:

Picture 18

Surprising, throughout the email they called me “Penguin.” Did they read the box that said Penguin Name, because I’m sure I entered Chilli 2.

Well there you have it. It doesn’t matter how many times you send in your igloo! Club Penguin will save your igloo that you sent in the very first time in their system! Also, being able to send in your igloo numerous times is allowed, but it is not a glitch. Even if you change your igloo after you submitted it, Club Penguin will see  your igloo live and view the most recent state that it is in.

Phew, glad that was cleared up! Enjoy the Halloween Igloo Decorating Contest and good luck to everyone!