Club Penguin Halloween Party Spoilers! Haunted House and Monster Maker 3000! Gary Visiting the Party Once Again?

Hello Penguins! On my spare time,  I like to search through the pages of Club Penguin and I noticed some top information given out! If you go to the Membership page on Club Penguin, you will notice that there is going to be a Haunted House and Monster Maker 3000 created by Gary!


A room is going to be added called a Haunted House, possibly only for members, and Gary is going to invent a Monster Maker 3000! Woah wait! That sounds familiar! Wasn’t that a room from last year! Well, yeah it was! Here is a photo from last year:


Whenever that room was here, I recall visiting Gary the Gadget Guy! So does that mean he  is visiting again? Sweet!