Club Penguin Buddy List Glitch Fixed and Rockhopper Plant Update!

Hello Penguins!

I was on Club Penguin today and a friend told me to look at my buddy list! (Thanks Slaterkid) I saw that the buddy counter in the corner no longer says 100/100 all the time when you don’t have 100/100 buddies! It actually counts how much friends you have now! Look at my buddy list below:


There is also a Rockhopper plant update! This photo wasn’t taken in my igloo, it was taken in Slaterkid’s igloo. Thanks Slaterkid for the photo! It looks like Rockhopper’s plants are dying!


I was hoping this glitch would be fixed soon! (Hint: now you know my buddy list isn’t full) Speaking of hints, another clue for “Chilli’s Music Vid! Would you like to star in it” is coming later today! If you did not see the last clue click here!