Yes Club Penguin Storm Clouds Arrived But What Happened to the Telescopes?

Um, Ahem, Hello!! There is a storm at its peak ready to appear and why can’t penguins see it in a closer view? Last year when a storm was coming around, you actually saw a storm! Look! Here is a photo from last year:


Shocking! This year all I see is this! No sign of clouds! And is that a penguin riding the Hydro Hopper! That is dangerous! Doesn’t he know a storm is coming! Alert: Penguins don’t go boat riding!


Also, last year there was signs of a storm from the Lighhouse’s telescope! Look! Here is a photo from last year!


And look at the telescope this year! Nothing! No signs of clouds at all! What’s up with that!


Did Club Penguin make a mistake, or is this storm not going to be as major as we think…