Fall Fair Puffle Shuffle Cheats/Tips! How to Win With Tons of Tickets! *videos included*

Hello Penguins! The Fall Fair is awesome and so are the games! I like all the games, but I don’t really care for Puffle Shuffle because it is so hard to play. It is so mesmerizing after a while and your lucky if you get a 100 tickets. If the game were only easier and you didn’t have to worry about 3 puffles moving around, then it would be good. But what if you didn’t have to worry about 3 puffles, how about 2 or 1? Wow! That makes the game so easy! You are bound to get tons of Tickets and keep getting the puffle every time! And Guess What! I found a way to do just that!

Let’s start with the tips first:

1. When the game starts, it will show you where the three puffles are. Know where the puffles are.


2. When the game starts, pick two puffles that you are going to watch the whole game, leaving the third puffle off on its own. Left Puffle and Middle Puffle Recommended. 3 Puffles tend to confuse people. If you only watch 2 Puffles, you can know where the 3rd puffle is by process of elimination. Once the game stops and the game calls for the third puffle you weren’t really watching, then you know its the hat that you weren’t watching because of your process of elimination.

(Example Here)

3. If you watch the left and middle puffle or the right and middle puffle, (DOESN’T MATTER) you can notice they like to move with each other. As you can see here:

(Example with Middle and Right Puffle)

4. If you get stuck take your best guess!

5. If you lose, the game will tell you where the puffle you were supposed to find really was at. Then, the game will start again!

Here’s a video of me doing really well in the game! Think you can beat my ticket score or how many times I chose the right puffle in a row without losing once yet?

Let me know if you can do better than that by commenting your final score of tickets or how many times you chose the right puffle in a row without losing once yet!