Aug-Nov Snow and Sports Catalog Hidden Items 2009! And a New Pin! 

Hey Penguins! Sorry this wasn’t posted sooner! I was on vacation!
You might be saying this then: “Woah, what!! Then who posted all those other updates the past couple of days?”
Me: Yes I did post those things while I was on vacation, but did you notice something? All the screen shots are either from Club Penguin or from old photos of mine. During vacation, I had no access to taking new photos off Club Penguin. That’s why this update is late and the 202 Newspaper news has old photos.
Here’s a photo of me and my friends. We had an awesome time!

Well, back to business.

Bummer! No hidden items! Check it out though!

And there is a new pin!

It is a Koi Fish!


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