Club Penguin’s New Newspaper Issue #201 Upcoming Events and Info! Festival of Flight Finished According to News! We are on water again?

Hello Penguins!

There is a new newspaper on Club Penguin! Wow, does everyone still remember the #200 issue? That newspaper was jammed with events! Tons of parties and stuff wow! Hopefully this newspaper isn’t too complex for everyone! But hey, doesn’t everyone like tons of new things to come to Club Penguin? Well let’s get back on topic here. Heehee.

Upcoming Events to Look Forward to:

Always read CP’S main article! And this time it is…


Finally a new Sports Catalog is coming!


WOW! Did I hear news about a new pin! Check out the date below!


Never tried clicking the classified file? Well here’s some classified news. Shhh!!


Tired of your old furniture? August 21st will give you some new surprises!


YES! We can finally see a closer look on this new play that is coming up! The Underwater Adventure is soon to rise up to sea!


I’m confused! August 20th is the last day of the party right? If you look around Club Penguin, it appears we are still in the air! Then why are we now on water again according to this photo? :   /


I’m afraid to go to the coastline now, I don’t want to fall off Club Penguin. lol.

Look at the success Gary has made. Club Penguin has gave us a re-cap on the Festival of Flight! (CLICK IMAGE FOR LARGER SIZE)


Wow! Thanks Club Penguin! I know this party was a hit! Too bad it is going to end soon! That’s all for now penguins! Enjoy the news!