Festival of Flight Party Extended! 

Hello Penguins!

The Festival of Flight party has been a hit on Club Penguin. In my opinion, it’s probably one of the best parties of all time. So.. Club Penguin is being really nice! They are extending the party until August 20 instead of the 18th! Sweet!! Keep flying those jet packs and green propellors!

Air Pirates.jpgBut don’t forget about the play, Underwater Adventure that is going to start on August 21 at the Stage!! Did someone say Lobster Claws?

In Addition: My 1 Year Serving You party is coming up soon on August 29th! I’m so excited for it! How about you? Click here for more info.
Since the party is longer, that means more penguins have the chance to find Gary! If you would like to find Gary look at my 100% Accurate Gary the Gadget Guy Tracker!