Exclusive News Glitch: Free and Unlimited Furniture Glitch!

Hello Penguins! There is a new glitch on Club Penguin! I am one of the many penguins giving this cheat to you, so here it is! This glitch is amazing!

First go to your Igloo, by pressing the “Your Igloo” button.


Go to the “Edit Igloo” Button and click on it.


Then Click on “View Items” and see the furniture list pop up.


Select any option and while the furniture is loading, click on a white/random box! The furniture item will appear but it will not pop into your igloo, it will just stay there, letting you click it numerous times, so that a negative number will pop up! The more negative numbers you have, the more of that furniture item you have!


Now I will have as much Red Track Floor Items as I want to put in my igloo! In the beginning I only had one! Here is an example with candles. I only had one candle, but look at me now!


Now, if you want more furniture, you can get it without buying! Don’t waste your coins anymore! It is unlimited!