Times on Club Penguin Safe Chat Servers Taken Away! Plus Hide and Seek Number Count Cheat!

Hello Penguins!

The simple press of a button telling your friend what time a party will start or when to come on club penguin next time has ended. Now for those penguins who play on safe chat servers, they can’t say the time anymore. Many people think it is because people aren’t using it for the time. For example, saying your age, grade,  or address. According to Club Penguin, they think it would be appropriate if they took it down. 😦 Sorry for all those penguins who enjoyed screaming the time, just to be nice ya know? Now all you see is this:


Hopefully, in the near future, if Club Penguin thinks users wont use the time for the wrong purpose ever again, they might put the time back up. 😦  This news is something, I’ll tell ya.

Good news is, if you play Hide and Seek, you can count now! (This goes for Safe Chat and Standard Chat servers)

Go to Game>>Hide and Seek>> and then the numbers!