How to: Receive the Ruby and the Ruby's Ruby Without Clicking-The Easier Way-Ruby and the Ruby Club Penguin Play Cheats

Hello Penguins! I have made a cool discovery! You can get the Ruby without clicking the cabinet, the trash can, the book, the vase, and the painting! With just two buttons on your keyboard, this can be done in no sweat! Follow these steps in order to do this!

1. Log onto a safe-chat server


2. Enter the Stage


3. Press tab on your keyboard and see a yellow box square-up random icons inside the stage. (Do this multiple times if possible) Here’s an example:


By the way, the first time you press tab the yellow square box will square the newspaper. The more you press tab, the more things it will square.

4. Keep pressing tab multiple times until a yellow square box hits the painting


5. Hit Enter 2 times in order for the Ruby message to pop up


You now have the Ruby without going through all the trouble! Isn’t that amazing!