Master Sensei Penguin Waddling In Club Penguin?

Hey Penguins + Ninjas,

Sorry If I’m spoiling a ninja secret here, but did you guys check your Club Penguin Postcards lately? It seems to me that Sensei is going to meet certain penguins inside the Dojo Ninja Secret Hideout! I am a ninja, (GASP I spoiled my identity) and here is the card I received from Club Penguin. Or was it from Sensei himself! :O

You can see his own signature and realize that he will be visiting from July 3-5! This may call for a Sensei Tracker. If needed, I will have one.


Did you see a “new special move” Wow, that sounds interesting! I can’t put my mind to guessing. So we can turn invisible and more? Comment your thoughts!