St. Patrick’s Day Club Penguin Party Sneak Peek! (Going Green!)

Hello Penguins! 

The annual Club Penguin St. Patrick’s Day Party will be March 13 – 17 and the island’s going to be buzzing with good green fun! Here is a sneak peek Club Penguin gave us:


I hope they don’t bring back my old lucky clover hat. I got that hat at a very old St. Patrick’s Day Party. It’s been giving me luck ever since. If they do, the hat wont be rare anymore and my luck will run out. (heh heh sort of funny but still… 😦 ) It’s my favorite hat lol. If you don’t know what I’m talking about look at my header. That’s the hat I’m talking about.  Also here is a pic of me wearing it on Club Penguin!


Well anyway, comment what you think Club Penguin will do this year.

I can’t wait! 

See ye’ later!