January’s Sled Racing Most Valuable Penguin!

Hey everyone!

After a whole month of racing, I’m here to announce the winner! I challenged 32 Penguins! There are three runner-ups who are Bowler11, Lemony134, and Dropoutpengu. Each category is out of 10 points. Here were their scores!

Speed: 9
Skills: 6
Non-Damage: 9 (Bowler11 only fell once!)

Speed: 10
Skills: 8
Non-Damage: 10

Speed: 8
Skills: 9
Non-Damage: 10

I congratulate you all! Excellent Racing! You guys will always be on my buddy list! 😀

Now, for the winner! With the scores of:
Speed: 10
Skills: 10
Non-Damage: 10

Look at that! A perfect score!

This penguin had the coolest moves I had ever seen! He went on all the ramps and missed all the bumps! This allowed him to gain a lot of speed and momentum!

The winner is…

Phipy!!!! Congratulations! You will now be put on the side of my page!

Here are some pics of the racing!



I thank all the penguins that participated this month! I hope everyone had fun! Good game to Bowler11, Dropoutpengu, and Lemony134! See everyone at the Ski Hill in February!

-Captain Chilli Pepper 😀