Sorry I'm late

Sorry I haven’t posted lately, I have been really busy for the past couple of weeks.

Here is the sneak peek for the new september/october catalog that came out recently.

Also, I found this interesting penguins on Club Penguin if your interested in seeing them.

Uhhh…… I think you should stay away from this penguin. I talked with him and he seems pretty nice, but he said he likes random things. I wonder why….. lol 

I also saw these two other penguins with funny names too. Here they are!

I saw these two penguins running around the Night Club. It seems so be that they are 260 pages apart. I wonder where the other pages are. lol

I also met Braveboy24 and he added me. He said he really likes my site! Isn’t that amazing! He even commented too! Also, Brave and I had our own mini party together!

Here are the some good times we had!

Look he pointed at me!!!! lol 🙂

Unfortunately, he had to go… sniff sniff lol 😦

I hope you enjoyed these pics!

P.S I’m currently on the search for October’s Sled Racing Most Valuable Penguin!