Hello Penguins!

On October 24, the new Club Penguin toys will be available at Toys R Us, Disney Stores, and the Club Penguin shop online. 
Here is Club Penguin’s Sneak Peek!

Go to http://clubpenguin.com/sneakpeek for a special glimpse of what’s to come. Check the page often for updates!
Here is a pic!
Wipe away the snow to see what’s hiding underneath!
Also here are the other Toys that Club Penguin is going to sell on October 24th…
Here is another pic!
This is for the 3rd Anniversary for Club Penguin. They are releasing these toys in Toys ‘R Us. Each toy will has a code which can be redeemed online for a special goodie!
Also, Enter AND WIN October 3rd to get a limited edition of the PLUSH VIKING PENGUINS!
-Captain Chilli Pepper